Greetings and Salutations.  I'm presently trying to promote your watercolor products to the Pima Community College Art Department, because I have been so pleased with your high quality products.  I'm not looking for any compensation.  I am just so pleased with your excellent watercolors.  I will be putting an order in soon, but I am trying to provide an opportunity to students to purchase your products.  I was wondering if you could send me a couple of more sets of your color brochures and palettes, so I can leave them with the watercolor instructors to show their students.  The students here pay so much money for a small set of mediocre paints that I know they will jump at the chance to purchase quality paints for a great price.  I am also going to talk to some of the art staff at the U of A.
If you would like I can get some names and numbers for you, if you would like to contact the instructors yourself.
If I had the time to go all over Arizona, I would, I love your products so much.
Have a great day,

Jerald B.
Tucson, AZ 85705


I love this list of colors!  I am planning on purchasing at least 75 pans, but the total of about $163.00 is a little to high for me right now. I teach and don't get paid for the summer.  I will cut down this list and send you the list of colors within a week.  Do you have any white?  Are these pans something I could always order? That information will help me decide which ones I should purchase right away.  As always, I think you are THE BEST!!!  I LOVE using these paints in my art journals and just using them period!  Your description is spot on correct when you talk about their quality.  Have a blessed day. Looking forward to hearing from you again.  Much aloha always, Kathy


I have bought a number of things from your shop over the past several months. I paint regularly with a group of women- and have sent all of them the link to your shop. Many are interested in this set of water colors, while others have fallen in love with the metalics I purchased from you. I have promised them you are awesome to deal with, and great with keeping in touch.
Good luck!

Kind regards,
PS everyone is from MA - just outside of Boston.


Your product is great the quality for this paint is outstanding for the price!
- maxine303



Hi Mr. Prutski,

This is Jerry Bench in Tucson, AZ.  I have been singing your praises to everyone I know.  I hope business is great for you and your company.  I wanted to know if you have a standard ordering form that I can give to other artists, so they can just mark what they need and send it to you.  For some reason many cannot grasp the idea of using the internet to make orders.

Thanks for your time and have a great day.


Hi I want to let you know that the watercolor paint I buy from you are the best I ever tried, excellent product very high pigmented. I also want you to know I left you a Five stars feedback since you deserve it for the great quality product you sell, Thank you for your business and you are well recommended and I will buy from you again in the near future. Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.